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Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cast acrylic sheet is made by casting the acrylic resin in a mold. This manufacturing process gives cast acrylic sheets crystal-clear clarity with no distortion. Cast acrylic is not affected by direct sunlight, so it ages well and maintains its stability in harsh outdoor conditions. It is also highly durable, and will not warp, crack, or corrode.
Cast acrylic is easy to thermoform and machine, making these sheets a versatile option for a wide range of applications. Cast acrylic is approximately half the weight of glass. This, along with its clarity and distortion-free properties, make it ideal for framing fine artwork, as well as for creating vitrines and display cases.

Cast Acrylic Sheets in Standard & Custom Sizes

Online Plastics® sells cast acrylic sheets in seven thicknesses (from 0.118” to 0.944”) and standard 48” x 96” sizes. We will gladly cut-to-size to give you cast acrylic sheet in the exact size your application requires. Simply use the chart below to specify your custom size.
We also offer white cast acrylic sheets in 0.22” thickness in standard and custom sizes.
Request a quote on the cast acrylic sheet you need, or contact Online Plastics® to learn more. 
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