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Polycast® Clear Acrylic Sheet

Polycast® is a cell-cast, clear acrylic sheet from Modern Plastics. Polycast® clear acrylic sheets offer clarity equal to optical glass, and display excellent impact resistance and good weathering properties.
Polycast® clear acrylic sheet is also easy to thermoform and machine, making it ideal for a broad range of applications.
Polycast® sheets are also available in opaque black.

Clear Acrylic Sheet in Standard & Custom Sizes

Online Plastics® offers Polycast® clear acrylic sheets in six standard thicknesses (from 0.375” to 2”) and standard 48” x 96” sizes. Upon request, we will cut Polycast® to size to match your unique requirements. Simply use the chart below to specify your custom size.
Request a quote on Polycast® clear acrylic sheet, or contact Online Plastics® for more information. 
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