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Scientific Instrumentation

As a supplier of high quality engineered plastics OnlinePlastics stocks a range of thermoplastic and composite materials that are designed to perform in extreme environments. Many of these are ideal for scientific instrumentation.

We supply materials from top manufacturers who are dedicated, as we are, to supplying consistently high quality and materials that maintain the highest purity levels.

We can supply you with materials that are

  • Extremely chemical resistant
  • Able to withstand high pressure and velocity (HPV)
  • Able to withstand repeated sterilization in autoclave, boiling water, or hot steam
  • Able to withstand wide ranges of temperatures from extreme high temperature to cryogenic low temperatures

In addition thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics has a number of ISO 9001 certified facilities so we can support all your certification needs. Materials are full lot / batch traceable.

Our friendly staff of professionals has decades of experience in the plastics industry and we are happy to assist you in material selection to help you get just the right balance of performance and value for your application.

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