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Torlon® PAI

Torlon Polyamide-imide (or Torlon PAI) is a high performance plastics product that is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Torlon PAI is incredibly tough with superior impact resistance strength. Our Torlon polyamide-imide high performance plastics are sold under the brand Duratron® PAI by Quadrant® and are available in either sheet or rod formats.

Torlon PAI Features & Benefits 

Torlon combines the exceptional performance of thermoset polyimides with the melt-processing advantage of thermoplastics. Wear-resistance grades offer unsurpassed performance in both dry and lubricated environments. High-strength grades retain their toughness, high strength and high stiffness up to 275 °C (525 °F), making PAI the industry's highest performing thermoplastic. Its broad chemical resistance includes strong acids and most organics. Some of the other benefits associated with Torlon PAI high performance plastics, include: 
  • High impact resistance
  • Superior compressive strength
  • High creep resistance
  • Extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)
  • Superior toughness at cryogenic temperatures
  • Outstanding resistance to aviation and automotive fluids
  • Excellent wear resistance in bearing grades

Torlon High-Temperature Wear resistance 

Overall, Torlon polyamide-imide (Quadrant® Duratron® PAI) provides excellent chemical resistance and high thermal stability to successfully replace metal in high-temperature friction and wear applications, even when lubrication is marginal or non-existent.  

Torlon Extreme Chemical Resistance

Torlon PAI is virtually unaffected by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, and most acids at moderate temperatures. However, the polymer, may be attacked by saturated steam, strong bases, and some high-temperature acid systems. Proper post-cure of Torlon parts is necessary to achieve optimal chemical resistance.

Torlon PAI Applications

Unlike other commercial thermoplastics, Torlon® PAI high performance plastics retains usable mechanical properties up to 275°C (525°F). It is also easier to process because it can be injection molded, which means lower unit costs for replicated parts. Some of the direct applications for Torlon polyamide-imide (Quadrant® Duratron® PAI), include:
  • Automotive transmissions
  • Jet engines
  • Oil recovery
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Heavy-duty equipment
  • And more

Torlon Product Options

thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics / Online Plastics® offers advanced quality Torlon PAI in a wide range of grades to suit your individual project needs. The grades of Torlon polyamide-imide (Quadrant® Duratron® PAI) that we offer, include: 

High Strength Torlon

  • Duratron T4203 - General purpose, unfilled, best impact resistance, most elongation, good mold release, good electrical properties.
  • Duratron T4503 - Compression Molded. Similar to 4203 but has slightly different mechanical properties.
  • Duratron T5030 - 30% glass fiber, high stiffness, high strength, good retention of stiffness at high temperatures, very low creep.
  • Duratron T5530 - Developed by and exclusive to Quadrant®.
  • Duratron T7130 - 30% carbon fiber, best stiffness, best retention of stiffness at high temperatures, best fatigue resistance, electrically conductive.

Wear Resistant Torlon 

  • Duratron T4301 - General purpose wear-resistance, contains PTFE and graphite.
  • Duratron T4501 - Developed by and exclusive to Quadrant®.
  • Duratron T4540 - Developed by and exclusive to Quadrant®.

Torlon Specialty Grades 

  • Semitron® ESd 520HR - Developed by Quadrant® for semicon device testing.
  • Semitron® CMP XL20 - Developed by Quadran®t for semicon CMP processing.

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