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ULTEM® is an amorphous high-performance plastic product that is used for medical and chemical instrumentation applications. It is also known as PEI, or polyetherimide, ULTEM’s® chemical name.
At thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics / Online Plastics® we carry ULTEM® stock shapes from the top US plastics extruders including Ensinger, Rochling, and Quadrant EPP. The total length of ULTEM® rod can vary from 48, 60, 96 to 120 inches, depending on the manufacturer. However, all grades are available in lengths up to 120". If you need a shorter length be sure to let us know. We will cut to size.
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ULTEM® Polyetherimide Features

Unfilled ULTEM® is very recognizable due to its transparent amber color. ULTEM® is also available in a 30% glass fiber filled version. ULTEM® is a viable choice over polysulfone in applications that require higher strength, stiffness, or temperature resistance. In addition, ULTEM® medical grades are available and include FDA, USP Class VI versions. Some other beneficial features of polyetherimide, include:
  • Visually transparent (unfilled)
  • Can be continually used up to 340º F
  • Flame resistant
  • Very low smoke generation
  • Unfilled ULTEM® provides excellent dielectric strength

ULTEM® High Performance Plastics Applications 

ULTEM® polyetherimide is a valuable high-performance plastic product that is used within the following industrial applications:
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Chemical instrumentation 
Note: ULTEM® may not be a desirable choice for applications exposed to alkaline solutions.

ULTEM® Trade Names 

ULTEM® 1000 is an unfilled PEI resin that is manufactured by Sabic. It is extruded and manufactured into stock shapes by several manufacturers under their own trade name. In addition, TECAPEI™ is an unfilled natural PEI made from Sabic Innovative Plastics' ULTEM® 1000 and 2000 series resins, while TECAPEI GF30 is 30% glass fiber reinforced. ULTEM® 2300 is reinforced with glass fibers for increased stiffness, tensile strength and dimensional stability.
ULTEM® is also sold under the name DURATRON®

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