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AIN 100 6% Silicone Spray
AIN 100 6% Silicone Spray

AIN 100 is a heavy duty 6% silicone lubricant and release agent. It is a high solids blend of medium and high viscosity silicone fluids. AIN 100 leaves a colorless, tenacious wet film when applied and is recommended for difficult release applications such as rubber molding. AIN 100 also performs well as a lubricant for rubber or any application where high friction may be an issue.


  • Light mint scent to now scent when dry
  • Colorless wet film
  • Ultra fine spray pattern for even application
  • FDA Compliant
  • Used on thermoforming plastics to help eliminate glove marks that occur while working
  • Popular for Spinal Jackets
  • Lubricates blades and helps eliminate build-up of sticky substances
  • Helps reduce friction and eliminate squeaking
  • Enhances colors on transfers
  • Sold in cases of 12

AIN 100 is typically used as a release agent for rubber molding and rotational molding. It works well where abrasion and friction are encountered. Other application for AIN 100 Spray lubricant and mold release include lubrication of saw blades, zippers, conveyors. It is also popular for preventing the buildup of glue, ink or paint on scissors or cutting blades. AIN 100 is FDA compliant.

In addition to the applications listed above the high quality and ease of use have made AIN 100 Spray lubricant and mold release a favorite in the Orthotics and Prosthetics industry. The typical applications for AIN 100 in O&P include spraying the outside of PVA bags to help string glide more easily. AIN 100 is also sprayed on top of plastic sheet that will be used in spinal jackets. This spray has been noted for helping to eliminate glove marks that occur while plastic is being worked and toughened. This, in turn helps to reduce costly re-dos of projects.

When sprayed of transfer patterns AIN 100 can also help to enhance colors.

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