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Close Contour Casting Pastes

Application of Close Contour Paste
Application of Close Contour Paste
thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics / Online Plastics® is a distributor of RAMF Group Close Contour Pastes. Close Contour pastes come in Epoxy or Polyurethane and are ideal for large mock-ups or tooling. The thick paste applies easily and sets up fast making it a time saver for large mock-ups that would traditionally be made from gluing together large pieces of tooling board or other material. Since pieces are not glued together it creates one seamless piece that can easily be machined after approximately 24 hours. Paste can be applied up to 40mm at one time and, after curing a subsequent layer can be applied for added thickness as needed.
After machining the final paste can be painted varnished or finished as needed.
Close Contour Pastes are used throughout the aerospace, automotive, marine and wind turbine industries for creating large pieces.
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  • Paste can be applied up to 40mm thick at one time
  • Fine texture with a thick pudding-like consistency holds up on vertical surfaces with no slump
  • Applies easily and is designed to work with Tartler Meter Mix Machines
  • Applies over foam, wood or other structure
  • Less material waste
  • Ready to machine in approximately 24 hours
  • One to one or two to one mix ratios for easy metering
  • Matching repair pastes make small changes quick and seamless
  • Available in Epoxy or Polyurethane
Close Contour pastes may also be used with a surface coat to prep the underlying surface before applying to help improve adhesion to very smooth surfaces.
When fully cured Close Contour paste works just like tooling board.
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