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Polypropylene Features:

  • Available in homopolymer and copolymer versions
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • FDA compliant
  • No moisture absorption 

Polypropylene is available in several grades and under the following names:

Proteus Co-Polymer - High impact resistant thermoplastic with excellent resistance to cracking at low temperatures. The co-polymer is more pliable than the homopolymer. Additionally it is FDA compliant, chemical and corrosion resistant and has no moisture absorption.

Proteus Homopolymer - Appropriate for applications to 180°F (82°C), Homopolymer resists most acids, alkalis and solvents Proteus homopolymer meets FDA 21CFR 177.1520 and USDA guidelines for use in federally inspected meat and poultry packing facilities. It is chemical and corrosion resistant.

Proteus O&P Grade - Thermoforming performance, Used for orthotic & prosthetic applications, Rigid form of polypropylene used where high stiffness is required, Typical Flexural Modulus: 195,000 PSI, Lot-to-lot consistency and formability, Chemical- and corrosion-resistant, No moisture absorption.

Proteus Premium Gloss - Film masked 1 side (2 sides available in white only), Thermoforming performance, Meets FDA requirements for food contact, Reg. 21CFR177.1520, Rigid, Light-weight, Resists stress cracking, Easily fabricated, High impact strength, Good Electrical properties.

Sanalite - NSF certified under Standard 02, Meets FDA Regulation 21CFR177.1520 Item 2.1, USDA compliant, Ag Canada approved, Pebbled surface resists acids, Easily cleaned, Lightweight, Chemical- and corrosion-resistant, No moisture absorption.