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High Performance Plastics

High Performance Plastics
High Performance Plastics
High-Performance Plastics are valued overall for their excellent properties. High-performance plastics are typically defined as being plastics that not only withstand but perform in extreme environments including, very high to very low temperatures, high pressure or high velocity and more. When looking at the plastics pyramid, the top two tiers are considered high-performance materials. These plastics are chosen for applications in aerospace, aircraft, deep downhole drilling, medical device, food processing, glass manufacturing, and many more.

Although high-performance materials can appear costly, end users often find these plastics provide a good balance between cost and performance. These materials are often selected to be machined into replacements for metal parts.

High Performance Plastics Pyramid

Features and Benefits of High-Performance Plastics

  • Extended part life
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Lightweight compared to metals
  • Lot and batch traceable
  • Filled versions enhance specific characteristics
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime

High-Temperature Stability and Other Key Benefits

The most notable feature that separates high-performance plastics from all other plastic varieties is its thermal properties. In general, high-performance plastics provide a continuous service temperature in the range of 302° F (150° C) or above. Thermal stability aside, high-performance plastics maintain a variety of other beneficial qualities and are often chosen because they exhibit:

  • High strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High-temperature performance
  • High-quality electrical resistance

High-Performance Plastic Applications

High-performance plastics are constructively used in a variety of industrial applications, these include:

  • Applications that require high abrasion resistance
  • High heat exposure and shock absorption applications in the glass and Aerospace industries
  • Heat resistant, emission proof, highly insulating or defined conducting materials for the semiconductor and electrical engineering industry
  • Sterilization and hydrolysis resistant materials for medical devices
  • Emission proof and radiation resistant components for vacuum technology and applications in the areas of X-ray technology and nuclear energy
  • Components for the chemical industry
  • Downhole drilling applications in the Oil and Gas industry
  • Components for Aircraft and Aerospace applications where extreme high and low temperatures are a challenge

The High-Performance Plastic Experts

If you are looking for a high-performance plastic to fit your project needs, contact the experts at Our team takes a value-added approach that helps you identify high-performance plastic solutions for your applications. We can help match your application to a high-performance plastic material that will be cost-effective while meeting the requirements of your application. When it comes to these plastics many filled versions are available. These fillers can enhance certain characteristics such as improved wear or temperature resistance, but the list of these materials is long and increasing as manufacturers come up with more engineered plastics solutions. The team at thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics has a wide variety of resources at our fingertips and our team trains with our manufacturers on a regular basis. We are ready to help you find the high-performance plastic that best fits your application in terms of cost and performance.  Contact Online Plastics for all your high-performance plastic needs, request a quote or call us directly at 866-837-0679 to talk to an Inside Salesperson. We are open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.