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Polycarbonate (PC) is a clear, exceptionally high impact material. It possesses good dimensional stability and rigidity. In addition it has high tensile strength, is resistant to chemicals and it is self-extinguishing. The properties of polycarbonate make it ideal for numerous applications and industries. Online Plastics®, the online store for ThyssenKrupp Materials NA thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics Division, stocks both polycarbonate sheet and polycarbonate rod.  It is popular in a variety of mechanical applications including site gauges, medical instruments and core collectors. It is also ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments making it popular for architectural and display applications. thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics also stocks TK-AC Mirror a proprietary mirrored polycarbonate designed specifically for use in aircraft interiors. Contact us today for more information.

Polycarbonate Features:

  • Clear high impact resistant material
  • Higher impact resistance than acrylic
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Excellent thermal properties from below -40º F to 270º F
  • Less than half the weight of glass
  • Can be thermoformed or machined

Polycarbonates diverse balance of properties combine exceptional toughness with low and high temperature capabilities. Polycarbonate can be formulated to meet the most demanding needs of industrial component manufacturers or exacting aerospace and military applications.  Flame inhibiting grades are used for electrical and electronic device applications such as switchgear covers, current carrying components and thermoformed equipment housing.

In architectural applications polycarbonate is used for covered walkways, barrel vaults, bus shelters and glazing. Bullet resistant polycarbonate is available and is a common choice for store windows. Polycarbonate is available with coatings for added UV stability, scratch resistance and more. It is also available in an FDA compliant grade. 

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