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TECAPEEK Ultra Detectable Blue (TECAPEEK UD Blue) is the lastest innovation by US plastics manufacturer Ensinger.  
While TECAPEEK Ultra Detectable Blue was created with the food processing industry in mind, it's ability to withstand high heat and steam make it a good choice for other industries as well.
In the food processing industry where food recalls have been an increasing problem, TECAPEEK UD blue offers the advantage of detectability by all three typical food product inspection technologies (optical, metal, x-ray detection) built right into one product.  In addition TECAPEEK UD also offers the high performance advantages of excellent temperature, chemical and wear resistance; in fact the manufacturer, Ensginer, has noted that there is anecdotal evidence that wear resistance is enhanced by the ultra-detectable filler technology. Wear testing will seek to quantify this and will be published when results are available.

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(Please note, the image at this time is TECAFORM which has the same appearance as TECAPEEK UD. A new photo is coming soon)

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