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TYGON® ND-100-80 Microbore Tubing

Online Plastics® carries TYGON® ND-100-80 Microbore Tubing.

TYGON® ND-100-80 is a DEHP-Free tubing formulated to be REACH compliant for DEHP.  It has been designed specifically for the medical industry. ND-100-80 has been formulated in a higher durometer in order to create a small diameter tubing that resists kinking and collapsing. It withstands EtO gas and gamma sterilization. It is available in 5 sizes ideal for:
  • Catheters
  • Intravenous Infusion
  • Intra-Arterial Infusion
  • Surgical applications
  • Hospital and care facility applications
ND-100-80 tubing is rigid enough to handle easily, but also pliable enough to aid in reducing problems due to puncture. It is also a thermoplastic and can be formed by use of thermoforming and flaring techniques making a good choice fo creating protective sheath products and cannulas. To ensure compliance to REACH St. Gobain tests every lot. Additionally, product dimensions are monitored in-line throughout the extrusion process as well as micometer tested and verified with computer imaging technology. TYGON® ND-100-80 tubing is USP Class VI approved and REACH compliant.
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