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ULTEM® High Performance Plastic

ULTEM®, also known as PEI or its full chemical name Polyetherimide is an amorphous plastic that falls into the high performace materials range. ULTEM® can be recognized by its color which is a transparent amber. ULTEM® medical grades are available and include FDA, USP Class VI versions. It is a good choice over polysulfone in applications that require higher strength, stiffness, or temperature resistance.
ULTEM® 1000 is an unfilled PEI and ULTEM® 2300 is reinforced with glass fibers for additional stiffness, tensile strength and dimensional stability.
We stock Ultem® stock shapes from the top US plastics extruders including Ensinger, Rochling, and Quadrant EPP. The total length of Ultem® rod vary based on manufacturer from 48, 60, 96 to 120 inches, but all grades are available in lengths up to 120". If you need a shorter length be sure to let us know. We will cut to size.

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Additional Information

Features and Benefits of ULTEM®

Continuous use up to 340º F
Flame resistant
Very low smoke generation
Unfilled ULTEM has excellent dielectric strength
Available in FDA and USP Class VI compliant versions

Common Applications for ULTEM®

Medical Instrumentation
Chemcial Instrumentation

NOTE: ULTEM may not be a good choice for applications exposed to alkaline solutions.

Trade Names for ULTEM®

ULTEM® 1000 resin is manufacturered by Sabic. It is extruded and manufactured into stock shapes by a number of manufacturers under their own trade name.
TECAPEI™ - Unfilled natural PEI made from Sabic Innovative Plastics' ULTEM® 1000 and 2000 series resins.
TECAPEI GF30 - 30% glass fiber reinforced ULTEM 2300
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  • Ultem® 30% Glass Filled Rod
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