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Virgin Grade UHMW Sheet

Virgin grade UHMW sheet (UHMW polyethylene or UHMW-PE) provides excellent combination of dynamic characteristics. Virgin grade UHMW sheet has the capabilities of withstanding chemicals, abrasion, and it has high impact resistance. Additionally, virgin UHMW-PE sheets also exhibit good wear resistance and toughness, which makes this engineering plastic a popular replacement for metal materials in many situations. Virgin Grade UHMW-PE is also FDA- and USDA-compliant making it a popular choice for applications in the food processing industry where direct contact with food is possible. These and other characteristics make UHMW virgin polyethylene sheets ideal for a wide range of applications.

Virgin Polyethylene Sheet Applications

thyssenkrupp Engineered Plastics / Online Plastics® maintains inventory of virgin grade UHMW sheets up to 1” thick and 48” lengths as well as a range of standard widths up to 120”. We also custom cut UHMW sheet to match your exact specifications. Some of the industrial uses of virgin grade UHMW sheet, include:
  • Chair and belt guides
  • Wear strips, guide rails and neck guides
  • Corner tracks
  • Spiral Conveyors
  • Extruded profiles and guide rails
  • Other construction parts and components

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Virgin Grade UHMW Sheet Properties

Virgin UHMW-PE sheets are lightweight and long wearing. UHMW exhibits excellent chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance, as well as a low coefficient of friction. Virgin UHMW sheets have very low moisture-absorbing characteristics. In food processing applications UHMW is and excellent choice for applications where strong smells or discoloration from food is an issue. The ultra high molecular weight creates a highly dense inert material that does not absorb food smell, taste, or color, even from foods like tomatoes that tend to cause staining.
It is important to note that UHMW-PE Virgin grade is FDA- and USDA-approved for direct contact with food. However, not all grade of UHMW are compliant so be sure to specify when you require FDA, USDA or other compliance. As a stocking distributor tkEP provides full to and batch traceability and, if applicable we provide REACH compliance documentation. Talk to our sales group today for more information 866-837-0679 for more information or assistance.
Virgin UHMW-PE sheets are an effective replacement for metal materials in part manufacturing. Parts made from UHMW polyethylene help reduce weight and noise.

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Request a quote today or contact us for more information on our virgin grade UHMW sheet options.

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